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Virtuoso NetSoft and Etisalat Forge Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Global Communication

Virtuoso NetSoft, a leading Telecom and CPaaS Company, is delighted to announce a ground-breaking strategic partnership with Etisalat, the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company. This momentous collaboration is set to open direct connections to 28 countries, marking a significant leap in Virtuoso NetSoft’s global expansion and its commitment to delivering top-notch communication solutions on a global scale.This association marks a significant milestone for Etisalat, as it paves the way for the utilization of Virtuoso Netsoft’s state-of-the-art A2P SMS pipeline. The integration with Virtuoso Netsoft’s A2P SMS pipeline is poised to drive substantial revenue growth for Etisalat. 


By leveraging Virtuoso Netsoft‘s robust A2P SMS firewall, which seamlessly integrates with operators and SMSCs (Short Message Service Centers), the secure and reliable delivery of A2P SMS traffic is ensured. This strategic alliance allows for efficient and seamless routing of traffic, taking advantage of Virtuoso Netsoft’s established infrastructure. Virtuoso Netsoft’s extensive coverage and integration with operators and SMSCs position Etisalat to gain a competitive edge in harnessing this lucrative revenue stream. This collaboration underscores Etisalat’s commitment to delivering enhanced services and solidifying its presence in the global telecommunications landscape, and vice versa.    


This association is expected to benefit UAE enterprises by providing them with the opportunity to expand their business within the domestic market and globally through the Virtuoso & MSGWIDE solution. Enterprises can now take advantage of our connectivity without any intermediary or hidden charges, allowing for greater flexibility and accessibility in their business operations.

With Mr.Nitendra Tiwari at the helm as Group CEO & MD, Virtuoso is positioned for remarkable growth and success. His wealth of experience in fostering business expansion and executing strategic initiatives makes him the ideal leader to steer Virtuoso toward unprecedented excellence. With a history of consistently delivering outstanding results, Virtuoso has further solidified its global reputation for excellence under his guidance.


“We are thrilled to initiate this revolutionary collaboration with Etisalat since it fits in so well with our goal of offering the best communication services possible to everyone on the planet. We are convinced that this partnership will provide significant value to our clients and partners, and it demonstrates our dedication to pushing the envelope and aiming for excellence. ”

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