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Following his unexpected return, The Rock sets his sights on Roman Reigns’ WWE Universal Championship

<p>With an intense comeback to WWE’s Smackdown brand, The Rock was vying for Roman Reigns’ Universal Title. The weekly WWE live event from Birmingham, Alabama’s Legacy Arena at The BJCC broadcast on February 2.</p>
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<p>Cody Rhodes said during the SmackDown event’s last seconds that he will not be facing Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. After discussing taking guidance, Cody said that he had spoken with a someone who was well familiar with Reigns. Then, when The Rock entered the WWE ring, his music began to play. After giving Cody a hug, he locked eyes with Reigns for a long time as SmackDown went off the air.</p>
<p>Cody Rhodes delivered a promo in front of Reigns, his representative Paul Heyman, and The Bloodline on the last Smackdown broadcast. Then he asked Reigns if they could speak in private for a little while longer. As a result, Reigns forced the Bloodline to exit the ring. Cody states later in the video that he disagreed with Seth Rollins’ assertion that the Universal Championship was the “Hollywood Title.” Dusty Rhodes, Bruno Sammartino’s father, and legendary wrestler Bruno Sammartino shared the same title.</p>
<p>Nevertheless, Dusty’s championship was quickly withdrawn at Madison Square Garden. Then, notwithstanding of Rollins’ comments about the championship, Cody made it very obvious that he wants the Universal Championship—just not at WrestleMania.</p>
<p>The Rock unexpectedly returned to the WWE at last month’s Monday Night RAW in San Diego. He didn’t take long to start fighting Jinder Mahal both physically and verbally. Fans all throughout the globe were ecstatic at his comeback, which opened the door for possible future bouts. The Rock said to the WWE fans on that broadcast that he was going to get something to eat since he was so hungry. “Should The Rock sit at the booth?” he then inquired. Can the Rock have a seat at the bar? Should The Rock take the helm of the table, or not?</p>
<p>WWE has now made available on YouTube a digital exclusive that depicted what transpired following SmackDown’s February 2 cancellation. Before exiting the ring, Reigns can be seen in the video hoisting the belt in the Rock’s face. “Well, The Rock has come to realize that the magic city is the place to go when you want to create something iconic or magical,” he said.</p>
<p>He continued by expressing his gratitude to the Birmingham audience and informing them that they had created history.</p>

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