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What Is The YouTube Ambient Mode, And How Can I Turn It On Instantly?

<p>When it comes to creator content on social media, YouTube is without a doubt the best place to be. With the app’s improving user-friendliness over time, spending hours watching videos has become the new normal.</p>
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<p>Many people use YouTube as their primary source of entertainment; thus, many new features have been introduced to make watching content simpler and more enjoyable. Examples of these features include the ability to hum while using the app and select music to listen to when in dark mode. Ambient Mode is one such feature that aims to enhance user engagement.</p>
<p><strong>YouTube Ambient Mode: What Is It?</strong><br />
YouTube’s ambient mode is a lighting effect that improves the viewing experience of videos. This mode, which was released in October 2022, is an innovative approach that allows YouTube player boundaries to leak a slight color gradient depending on the material you are viewing and enhance the immersiveness of your video. It was designed to mimic the sensation you get while watching TV in a dark room. This functionality is available for iOS, desktop, and Android users on YouTube.</p>
<p><strong>Turning on the Dark Theme</strong></p>
<p>Activating YouTube’s Ambient Mode requires turning on the dark theme for iOS, Android, and desktop devices. Thus, let’s look at how to activate the dark mode before the ambient mode:</p>
<p>Regarding Android and iOS: Open YouTube on your phone, then choose Dark Theme by tapping Settings > Appearance > Profile Picture in the upper right corner.</p>
<p>On a desktop, choose Dark Theme by going to Appearance > Profile Picture.</p>
<p>How can I turn on YouTube’s ambient mode?<br />
<strong>YouTube immediately enters ambient mode as soon as you activate the dark theme. To test it, do the actions listed below:</strong></p>
<p><strong>Step 1:</strong> Play any YouTube video on your iOS, Android, or desktop device after turning on the Dark Theme.</p>
<p><strong>Step 2:</strong> Locate the gear icon in the upper right corner of the YouTube player and choose Ambient Mode.</p>
<p><strong>Step 3:</strong> When you switch to ambient mode, the surrounding area of your screen will be filled with soft colors from the film.</p>
<p><strong>Step 4:</strong> This will now provide a playful effect where the light around the YouTube player will also have a modest color gradient as the video’s color changes.</p>
<p>Notably, by touching or clicking on the Ambient Mode icon, the color effect’s strength may be changed. Furthermore, ambient mode will also be turned off if you deactivate dark mode.</p>

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