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Unveiling the Genius in Every Child: a homeClass Webinar Guiding the Path to a Bright Future

In a groundbreaking initiative, homeClass is set to host a webinar that delves into the intricate path of nurturing intelligence and interests in every child, paving the way for a rewarding and fruitful future. The event, headlined “Genius in Every Child: Infinite Possibilities”, brings together distinguished school principals and educationists to explore methods of systematically nurturing young minds.

Unleashing the Genius:

The focal point of the webinar is to underline the significance of holistic development beyond academic achievements. “The premise is that high marks in school exams are just a fraction of a child’s potential, and true brilliance emerges in an environment that encourages exploration, questioning, interaction, socialization and discovery.” said Dr. Farooq Wasil, a recipient of the prestigious National Teacher Award, boasts over 40 years of dedicated service to education. A doctorate specializing in education, he has been recognized by luminaries like the Ex-President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Dr. Wasil’s wealth of experience adds a valuable perspective to the discussion.

Other distinguished Speakers, Ms. Suchita Malakar, Principal at Podar International School, Cambridge Internationals, a strategic leader certified by IIM Ahmedabad, brings her transformative insights on strategic leadership for schools in a changing environment. With 25 years of experience, she is a visionary in the field of education, having founded and elevated Podar International School, Mumbai, to unprecedented glory. “The webinar serves as a beacon, guiding parents, educators and institutions on the path to nurturing the latent genius in every child.” said Malakar.

Capt. Dr. Dinisha Bhardwaj Singh, Principal at Delhi Public School, Ghaziabad, another eminent guest says “By fostering an environment that goes beyond textbooks and exams, it aims to contribute to a society where each child’s unique potential is recognised and harnessed for a brighter future.” Capt. Dinisha, an Indian Army Officer turned passionate educationist, leads Delhi Public School, Ghaziabad. Her journey from the military to education showcases a unique blend of discipline and innovation. As a social entrepreneur, she is dedicated to shaping the future leaders. She was awarded Shiksha Bhushan Puraskar in 2023 by CED India and MCME.

Guiding the discussions, the event will be hosted by Mr. Bhaswata Sinha Roy, a business transformation leader. His role as the host ensures a dynamic and insightful conversation among the esteemed speakers.

homeClass, as the catalyst for such transformative discussions, reaffirms its commitment to providing diverse perspectives that inspire positive change. “The webinar not only explores the theories and methodologies discussed in educational circles but also brings them to the forefront, emphasizing their practical implications for the young generation.” says Sinha Roy.

In an era where the definition of success is evolving, homeClass continues to be at the forefront, steering conversations that matter. As the webinar unfolds, it promises to be a transformative experience, igniting discussions that will resonate long after the event, influencing the way we perceive and nurture the genius in every child.

Event date: 13th January, Saturday

Event time: 11AM to 12:30PM IST

Webinar Registration link https://homeclass.in/webinar

Previous webinar recordings https://www.youtube.com/@homeClass 

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